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We create fun and engaging smartphone and tablet apps for both iOS and Android, online games, virtual worlds, Facebook apps, websites, animation, and other interactive content that increase brand-awareness and drive revenue for companies of all sizes.

Case Studies:

We’ve brought millions of customers to established brands, increased revenues and generated over 200 million gameplays. See the details here.


Brandissimo! strengthens brand-awareness and drives revenue for businesses of all sizes. Our client-work results in millions of clicks and game plays each day. Brandissimo! engages minds, spurs online sales, optimizes websites for search engines, provides business intelligence, builds powerful brands, and collects useful data. We build brands through positive experiences that make people happy.


Smartphone/Tablet Apps

From casual games to complex strategy thrillers, Brandissimol produces iPhone and iPad games that bring brand delight to fans of the National Football League, Sound Marketing, and the US Navy Seals Foundation.

Facebook Apps

Social apps must elicit an emotional response that makes users want to share them with friends and, if desired, pay for up-sell opportunities. We build these apps with a detailed analytics system to help us understand our customers and optimize our services. Successful apps should have a powerful reward for users and motivate them to share their success with their friends, as did our app for fans of the United States Olympic team.

Online Games

Brandissimo! has produced over 200 games ranging from massively multiplayer online games to casual flash games. These games expand brand awareness and fortify business identities. Most importantly, our games are just plain fun.

E-commerce & Branded Websites

Partners such as Cabbage Patch Kids and Radical Publishing want their websites to generate revenue and reinforce their brand. Brandissimo! designs intuitive interfaces that allow users to easily navigate, spend money, interact and have fun. On the back end we produce inventory management and data capturing/analytics systems that enable businesses to run their e—commerce efficiently and profitably.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

There is a science to our creativity. Our daily metrics allow us - and you - to make educated decisions and improve our users’ experience. This provides a deep understanding of the audience, allows for quick optimization, and helps us achieve our desired results.


With four animated TV series and an Emmy nomination under our belt, Brandissimo! produces broadcast and direct-to-DVD programming that entertains and educates audiences of all kinds.


Brand: (verb)
To place indelibly in the mind
issimo: (verb)
This suffix is an intensifier which adds a qualifier of “extremely” or remarkably

David Snyder
Chief Executive Officer:

For over 10 years David Snyder was the head creative content executive for Walt Disney Television international and a key creative force in the development,production and programming of hundreds of hours of animation, live-action programming and documentaries for the Walt Disney Company. David also led the launch of numerous international Disney Channels, as well as Disney-branded programming blocks on major terrestrial broadcasts. After Disney, he joined Gullane Entertainment where he produced three seasons (78 episodes) of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends among other shows. His programs have won numerous international awards.

Andy Babb

Andy has produced video games and interactive entertainment since 1996. As a marketing, business development and senior management executive at Sega, Take-Two Interactive and In-Fusio, Andy has managed the publishing of over 200 video games across most console, handheld, PC, online and mobile platforms. Andy earned his BA from UCLA and MBA from Stanford.

Frank Fraser
E.V.P. Creative Director:

Frank is a former Creative Director at Disney Consumer Products and is a highly regarded brand expert with over 25 years of experience in creating and building successful brands. The results have been award-winning advertising, brand identity programs, consumer products, character development, and an appalling lack of sleep. Frank was the first hire under Brandissimo!`s "no jerks allowed" HR policy and is one of its owners.

David Gagne
Chief Technology Officer:

David has been developing video games, websites, applications, and enterprise solutions for almost two decades. He has worked extensively as a producer and as a cutting-edge developer in the fields of electronic entertainment media, telecommunications, and biotechnology. David excels at managing both internal and external development teams, and steadfastly lives by the great Abraham Lincoln maxim, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and l will spend the first four sharpening the axe." David graduated from the Honors Department of the University of Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in English and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

Kelly Bakst
EVP of Production:

Kelly has been hooked on production ever since he helped develop the video game classic Miner 2049er in 1982. His 20 years of systems design, development, and process management expertise are essential to Brandissimo!. Kelly has managed designers, developers (both locally and offshore), and testers in a wide range of industries including video games, health-care and banking. Kelly has been invaluable in constructing an efficient process for delivering quality products on time.

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