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A Case Study for


Old marketing gameplans were inadequate for the NFL to engage today’s youth in our media-saturated world. Research revealed that children under 12 with a favorite team are very likely to be fans for life. The NFL partnered with Brandissimo! to develop and manage an immersive experience that generates lifelong NFL fans.


Brandissimo! created and launched the NFLRUSH Zone virtual game world in 2007. With a rich back-story and a goal of connecting the National Football League with youth through online gameplay, the NFLRUSH Zone expands the NFL brand through toys, apparel and an animated TV series that launched on Nicktoons in September 2010.

Challenge 1:

Make the NFL kids website relevant!

Solution 1:

Brandissimo! re-imagined and re-launched the NFL’s youth-targeted website, The site now operates as a kids’ site should - engaging youth and celebrating young fans in a youth-friendly environment.

Challenge 2:

Engage kids in the NFL brand on a daily basis, both during the league’s season and the off-season.

Solution 2:

We chose to engage kids where they are playing today —online— and the NFLRUSH Zone was born. The NFLRZ is a massively multiplayer online game world targeted to kids 9-14. Brandissimo! conceptualized and engineered this huge fantasy world with imaginative characters, storylines, videos, virtual goods and over 85 games. These characters and stories were also created to spawn downstream content and revenue opportunities such as consumer goods and broadcast network television programming.

Challenge 3:

Increase participation in NFL youth initiatives such as the Take a Player to School contest and youth Fantasy Football.

Solution 3:

We stimulated participation through methods that kids love. For Take A Player To School (TAPS), on we built imaginative video games that drove a record number of kids to register for the contest. In the NFLRUSH Zone, we spread the word by holding online chats with New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, the TAPS spokesman. Registrants to the TAPS contest also received virtual goods in NFLRUSH Zone.



An explosion bigger than a Ray Lewis blindside! monthly unique visitors increased from 25,000 to now well over 1 million during the season!


Over 100 million gameplays in the NFLRUSH Zone and counting! The NFL’s online youth experiences are now #1 in the youth sports website category.


Unfortunately your odds of winning just got slimmer as we increased contest registrations 43% and Fantasy Football registrations 35% in one year. What is our reward? The NFL now wants to increase participation in both TAPS and Fantasy Football by 100% in the next two years. Time to put our thinking helmets on!

Brandissimo! delivers over 2,000,000 gameplays per week to the NFL.